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TREKKING and HIKING in the mountains of DALHOUSIE (Dec. 23 to 28, 2009)

  • 6 / Jan / 2010
  • Tasveer Kaur (School Inspector cum Secretary)

SASA students @mountains of Dalhousie

After the Touring, Hiking and Trekking at Rajasthan in 2007 and Manali in 2008, SASA continued its series of journeys within India in 2009 by paying a visit to the snow laden mountains of DALHOUSIE. Around 200 students and 20 teachers left for the tour on Dec. 23, 2009. During their stay, the students along with identifying their physical strengths and weaknesses also got acquainted to the culture, heritage and hard life of the people of Himachal Pradesh. The Principal, Mr. Rajan Chopra, who coordinated and accompanied the tour, informed that the students visited Dalhousie, Khajiar, Kalatop, Panchpula and Chamba. The students were mesmerized with the beauty of Khajiar (also known as Mini Switzerland). The students enjoyed the 15 km trekking in Kalatop as well as Panchpula. The visit to the museum at Chamba was a memorable experience for the students as they got to see the ancient clothes, jewellary, arms and temples of earlier Maharajas (Kings) of the hills. The tour concluded on Dec. 28, 2009 when all the students and teachers reached back the campus safely around 8:00 PM.

We truly believe that traveling is an integral part of the learning process for all of us. Any movie, video, photograph or even internet cannot replace the feeling of experiencing the things by being physically and mentally present at that place. So, again, this tour was a huge success while fulfilling the need of knowing something more, something new and something different…

We welcome all the students and teachers back in the campus after the winter vacation.

Have a wonderful 2010!!!