This Institution is named after the eldest son of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth master of the Sikhs. Sahibzada Ajit Singh (1687-1704) in his teens, had been the commander of Guru's army who fought against the tyranny of the Mughals(the rulers at that time). Even at the very early age, he was so enlightened to understand the spiritual philosophy of his Great Father, The creator of 'Khalsa Panth' on April 13, 1699 (A pious way of life by which one realizes how to comply over this materialistic world). He martyred fighting against the Mughals in the battlefield of Chamkaur, (District Roopnagar, Punjab) in 1704.Learn More

Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji
We are thankful to Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji who made us realize that for a super life spirituality must dominate Body and Mind.


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If you want to be Happy and Successful in life, never stop Learning and admitting your Mistakes.
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