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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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World Health Organisation definition of good health is "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

All the students are given admission subject to their submission of Medical Fitness Certificate by their family Doctor qualified as MBBS. If in case the parents do not bring Medical Fitness Certificate from their Family Doctor then they shall have to get their ward Medically checked from the Academy Panel Doctor whose name and address is given as below:

Dr S.M. Sardana, MBBS, MD (Child Specialist)

Phone: (Clinic) 01881-222352,

(Residence) 01881-222752.

SASA - Health care A qualified nurse is always available to provide medical care to the students. All First-Aid problems are met at the Academy but in case of a sudden injury or accident, the students are taken to Emergency Department of Civil Hospital, Roopnagar/Panel Doctor of the Academy, by the responsible member of the staff of the Academy, the Parents/Guardians are informed accordingly (if the a matter is serious). But otherwise, preference is given to the medical-aid to be arranged first and then to go for giving the information.

The Medical Fee deposited at the Academy is only for providing First Aid, local vehicle service and the services of responsible Official accompanying the student to the hospital/doctor. Other expenditures such as medicines, consultation fee etc., hospitalisation, diagnosis or patent medicines are borne by the individual parents. In case of any hospitalization of the student the parents/guardians shall have to arrange the night stay with the student as their own.

Most important Note

SASA - Health CareIt is obligatory on parents to submit the IMMUNISATION RECORD Vis. BCG, DPT, ORAL POLIO VACCINE, HEPATITIS A & B VACCINE, MMR (MEASLES, MUMPS, RUBELLA); MEASLES VACCINE, TETANUS, TYPHOID VACCINE, CHICKEN POX, HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZE type b, of their ward. The Photostat copy of the card issued by the family doctor or hospital may be submitted with the Registration Form. It may be treated most urgent.