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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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T he essence of SASA ethos is reflected in the school motto ‘Development of Body, Mind and Soul’. Life at SASA aims at training and motivating students to target academic success and career goals, without forgetting that the ultimate aim is to develop well rounded personalities with sound values, strong character and deep sensitivity.

The student life of SASA is full of learning through activities. Students in hostel get up around five in the morning. After getting ready, all the students sit together for morning Jaap, ‘Jap Ji Sahib’. Jaap or prayers are integral part of the students of SASA in order to develop their spiritual side while making them believe in one Supreme Power on which one can rely now and then. The variable breakfast (Stuffed Pranthas with different, vegetables, Bread-Butter-Jam, Bread Pakoda, Channa-Bhatura, Daliya, Puri-Channa etc.) is served in the Common Mess of all the hostels. The school begins with a Morning Assembly which includes reciting SASA’s Prayer, some couplets from Jaap Ji Sahib  and National Anthem followed by Thought of the Day, Topic of the Day, News of the Day, G.K. Questions, Teacher’s Topic, Vocabulary Words and a general lecture either by Principal or Director on ethics. The Hostel students are joined by Day Scholars who arrive at school five minutes before the Morning Assembly. All the students get busy with their studies after Morning Assembly. Each subject period lasts for 30-40 minutes. Along with subject periods the school hours also have two breaks, one short break for ten minutes and one lunch break for half an hour in the afternoon.

When the school is over the day scholars leave for their homes and hostelers go back to their respective hostels to avail a twenty minute break to relax and change. The evening class for the hostelers commence after the twenty minutes rest time. These classes are meant to revise the syllabus covered during the morning school hours and are taken by the subject teachers. The evening class is followed by 30-40 minutes break to relax and to put on sports kit. Before leaving for grounds for playing, hostelers go to mess to have milk. After milk, the playing hours last for one and half hour in which students play football, basket ball, badminton, lawn tennis, volley ball, skating, yoga, dance, gym and athletics. These playing hours are taken by physical education teachers who guide and train the students in various sports and also take care of their physical well being. Students get half an hour to take shower and change after playing hours. Before going for dinner, students once again get together for evening Jaap. The hostelers also have a prayer before starting and after finishing  their meals. These prayers are incorporated into their routine to build a sense of respect and thankfulness towards food. The dinner is followed by night class to finish any pending school writing and learning work. Students are done with their night class at ten at night and are allowed to go to their hostels to sleep after ten. This is a day to day overview of student life at SASA.

Hostel life of SASA is fun as one enjoys many benefits being a hosteler. First of all, the hostel students are in touch with their subject teachers for 24 hours which enables them to discuss their queries more easily and often. Then, the hostelers are free from certain daily household tasks, which enable them to give more time to themselves. Moreover, a hosteler tends to learn to be independent and responsible as the student has to do all his work by himself. In the hostel, SASA provides modern, hygienic toilets, comfortable beds, wardrobes and a study table for each student. Other facilities include common room for watching TV, indoor games, outdoor games, Mess, in-house laundry and a fully equipped gym.

SASA does its best in developing a child from within and outside. We strive to give this world good Citizens instead of good money making Machines . A SASA pass out student leaves the campus as a young blossoming adult with the social skills, academic expertise and compassion needed to become leader in any field tomorrow.