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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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School Life

Academic life of students at SASA is comprised of various subject lessons (classes) with activities to perform the tasks practically. Along with the general subject classes, SASA also offers Special Classes, Evening Classes, Night Classes, Social Behavior Classes and English Speaking Classes for boarders. We also have the facility of mid-term promotion for bright students in kiddy section only.. More information on these facilities is provided below.

SPECIAL CLASSES (For Boarders Only)

Passing of entrance test is must to get admission in this Academy. But sometimes, if a student does not pass the test then the parents/guardians may request the Principal for admission to a lower class. The student admitted in this way is given lower class syllabus to strengthen the basic knowledge and skills required for the actual class. These are called SPECIAL Classes. This facility is charged and provided after putting a request to the Principal.


@ EVENING CLASSES (For Day-Scholars): We believe, the tuition culture has spoiled the educational atmosphere and general intelligence. The faculty at the Academy is not allowed to take tuition classes at home. If a student requires some help in regard to any subject then there is a provision for evening classes at the Academy against nominal payments. This facility can be availed while submitting an application at the commencing of the session. The fee for the entire session is to be deposited in advance.

@ NIGHT CLASSES: The boarders under the supervision of hostel wardens are given Night Classes to enable them to complete their daily home work as well as learning work of daily routine and weekly tests, needed to prepare for the final examination.


God has given different I.Q. to every human being. Some of them are always ahead of other. So, for such type of students there is a provision for mid-term promotion. The parents should not take it granted while putting up an application. The request is entertained for outstanding students only and if, the Examination committee does not approve the mid-term promotion then there is no provision to refund/adjust the fee deposited. The parents of outstanding student may apply to the Principal in prescribed form available at SASA office.


To inculcate good habits among the young students, SASA provides social Behavior classes throughout the course. These are classes in scientific spirituality so that their spirits must dominate their bodies and minds to go very smoothly in this zig-zag materialistic world. They are given classes to respect their parents and elders while speaking & behaving gently to win the hearts of the people. Academy is arranging special English Speaking Classes to enhance the speaking, writing and listening skills.