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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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Senior School

Developing impressive young adults who are academically accomplished and prepared for the wider challenges of life ahead

A Welcome
The Senior School welcomes pupils not only from our Junior School, but also from a wide range of other schools in India and abroad. Children settle in quickly, establish new friendships and find their way around very swiftly indeed! They soon begin to make the most of the exciting range of facilities at their disposal as well as adapting to new and more mature ways of working.
The curriculum gives students an opportunity to experience a range of academic subjects and interests before considering their CBSE curriculum options.
Classrooms are equipped to the highest standard and our teaching seeks to be both invigorating and innovative. Support is readily available and thoughtful direction is provided with regard to future courses of study. Our academic record is first rate, but it is augmented by a thoughtful system of pastoral care and an extensive programme of extra-curricular activity.

Senior Management supported by Principal, Vice-Principal, Headmistress and all section heads look after the day-to-day needs of every child.
House Masters and Mistresses together with other House Staff and specialist teachers in sport, music and drama ensure that everyone engages with the tremendous range of activities that are on offer. We look to encourage every child to achieve their best in the classroom and out of it!
SASA students are proud of their school and we are proud of their accomplishments.

Our Senior School takes 11 year-old children and develop them to pass smoothly in their boyhood and girlhood. During this age the children are at sea to understand whether they belong to the category of children or adult. Because at home or at school everybody instructs them that they are grown up now and they should not behave like children and when they give some suggestion being elder they are told that they are children and suggestion are not expected from them. SASA understands their problem and students are given every right to express themselves in classroom and outdoor. Being in between the lines of discipline they are expected to pass through this phase of life with understanding & logic.

Between the ages of 11 and 16, boys and girls are taught jointly to understand one another. They do feel the sociology of school and they behave in proper order.

The School is large enough to offer a rich choice of specialist activity within an unusually flexible curriculum. A generous teacher-pupil ratio, separate space for each year group and a lively House system, all help to create a friendly, close-knit atmosphere.

Highly developed social skills

The pupils’ personal development is excellent. They show high levels of confidence and a healthy competitive spirit, encouraged by the house system, which promotes good self-motivation. Pupils demonstrate strong moral awareness, and highly developed social skills, strengthened in the Senior School by their experiences at the outdoor centre.

‘We are proud of SASA where we learnt to breath in the world and dream the Universe.’

Jung Jujhar Singh, California State University
Mandeep Singh, San Jose State University
Suprimjit Singh, University of New Heaven
Prabhjot Kaur Gill, Pittsburg State University
Raj Singh Bhangoo, Ohio State University
Manish Chahal, State University of Reno
Harmanpreet Singh Virk, Red River College
Suraj Jasra, Red River College
Naman pal Singh, Sheridan College, Brampton
Harmandeep Chandi, Cambrian College, BC
Pravneet Singh, Humber College, Toronto
Inderveer Singh, Concordia University, Montreal
Jaskaran Singh Sunner, University of Guelph Humber
Manpreet Kaur Longia, George Brown College, Toronto

SASA Former pupils

‘SASA not only polish the personality but also gives the stuff to get a stand in the world.’

Finding your place

Our schemes of work are broadly based on the National Curriculum, but as an independent school we are free from its constraints. This enables us to develop our own extension material to stimulate enquiring minds.

This more open approach to education also enables us to tailor learning to a pupil’s individual abilities, interests and aspirations.

Pupils are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own academic development by managing their time and interests effectively. This emphasis on individual progression includes a comprehensive assessment and reporting system. One of the many advantages of a large, well-resourced school is that we can support a varied and full programme of activities outside the classroom sports, music and drama are particular strengths and other recreational clubs and societies cater for more specialised interests. We encourage all pupils to engage outside their year group by joining in a flourishing and dynamic House system. House events provide pupils with many opportunities to mix socially, have fun and ‘have a go’ as part of a team, irrespective of their ability.

The House system helps develop confidence through keen, but always friendly, competition in a range of events. Each House has two House captains and another four deputy House captains. That offers plenty of scope for putting leadership, negotiation and persuasive talents to good use!

“What I enjoy about teaching at SASA is the ability to guide well-motivated young people and to help them to achieve their potential whatever that might be. I take care to get to know my students; I believe that by doing so, they become more confident and can perform at their best.”
Mrs. Meenakshi, Teacher

Helping you make the right choice

In the Senior School we have a dedicated Careers and Higher Education Guidance team. The Careers staff offer impartial guidance and an ‘open door’ policy with resources that are second to none.

All students receive formal careers Guidance from Junior school studies. Informal discussion is encouraged throughout and the students are given extra help at key transition stages such as choosing CBSE and all subjects and applying to university. The Careers staff have input at every stage.

A programme of outside speakers covers a wide range of careers during the year.

“Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy, a most prestigious school, where, one comes out with a balanced personality. I joined this Academy in 1993. It proved to be such a platform where with the help of very hardworking teachers, I excelled academically and socially. They installed such a confidence in me that I emerged to be a leader in form of being ‘Monitor’ for the entire of my schooling. I stood 1st in X and 2nd with 84% in XII. With the inspiration of my school Director, I completed and topped my B.Sc. (Non-medical) with 78.38% and now pursuing my B.Ed. to become a teacher to spread the light of knowledge which I gained, particularly at SASA.”
Sukhwinder Kaur, former pupil.