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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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Jasmine Court

Good early years education is a enormously Important,
because its effect lasts a life time.

A welcome from Ms. Mandeep Kaur

As Head of Jasmine Court since 2002 I am still excited and motivated by the daily joys and challenges as I was, when I was appointed. I considered myself privileged to be a part of this superb school.

Nor, am I alone in - this view, early years’ teachers and teaching assistants know this is a fantastic place to work. A recent survey of parents singled out the high quality of our staff as one of the Jasmine Court’s greatest strengths. Enthusiastic, caring, hardworking, fun, available, professional, experienced, skilled, inspiring, confident, these are some of the words they used and I could not describe our staff better myself.

What else makes Jasmine Court a center of excellence? Many people say it is the happy, warm and nurturing atmosphere to which our children response by behaving well. Personal and social development is one of our priorities and parents value our expectations that children should be kind, helpful and courteous. By learning at an early age to accept responsibility, to share and to get on well with others, children grow up, with attitudes, values that will last a life time.

Our promise is that all our children will have lots of fun and many happy experiences and along the way will not only acquire valuable learning skills but also will start to discover and develop their own independent talents. You can be confident that there will be not better start to your child’s education than Jasmine Court. Our children believe that sky is the limit and we give them the opportunity to soar!

Helping children become confident learners

When they first enter school, very young children need more than anything else to feel happy, safe and among friends. Then they learn easily, and rapidly – often without realizing they are learning!

Jasmine Court Nursery provides a caring, cheerful and well resourced environment for 3 year old Boys & Girls. Here they acquire, through a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated play, simple but essential learning and Social Skills.

Without heavy bags of books, they go for Nursery, LKG & UKG. It is at first standard that they are given National Curriculum. We firmly believe that language, literacy, numeracy skills are the bedrock of successful learning. Children are taught to speak clearly and listen well. This aids learning and encourages something else we value high at Jasmine Court – Good, considerate behaviour. We reward children for being kind, polite, honest and helpful. In SASA at all levels, nonsense is never considered confidence.

Ours is a formula that works. Most children progress rapidly and perform at all levels significantly above National norms. At the age of 7 they leave Jasmine Court as confident, happy individual with the clear sense of right & wrong and an eagerness to learn and achieve more.

Jasmine Court is exceptional for its range of extra-curricular activities. We offer about 20 clubs and activities every week including Football, Basketball, Yoga. We are always happy to consider new activities if children request them.

The pupils are not bound to classrooms but they are brought out in tune with Mother-Nature to understand the natural phenomena along with understanding the products and outcomes of Mother–Nature.

So, at Jasmine Court we prefer outdoor activities, and make sure, all are based on play and fun.

'Indoors or Out', Learning is fun

Young children love to extend their imagination and creativity, so; Jasmine court gives them every opportunity to do just that.

Arts, craft, Music, Dance, Drama – Children can enjoy any or all of a wide range of expressive activities some directed with the light touch.

Jasmine court is exceptional for its range of extra-curricular activities. We offer about 30 clubs and activities every week, including football, yoga, photography, ballet. We are always happy to consider adding new activities if children request them.

Outside is where you play, preferably with your best friends and the teacher nearby. So, at Jasmine court we encourage outdoor activities and make sure that all are based on play and fun. Children are got to visit outside the campus, banks of the river, canal & nearby historical places. We are developing a Botanical Garden along with nests of different local birds so that children could make the environment, the practical world outside, included in their day-to-day life.

We encourage children to think and talk about buildings, animals, transport and the wider world generally.

Physical Education is gently introduced through a games programme designed to develop coordination and confidence. Close and expert supervision ensures that children are safe and happy and that teaching can be sensitively adapted to individual ability. Children are never asked to do anything that is beyond them but at the same time they are suitably challenged and encouraged to develop their dexterity, balance and control of their movements. Jasmine court has its own curriculum and a special sports week. During this week in addition to sports & games, the competitions are given in local culture, Cultural activities and folk songs of the Region, Nation & Worldwide.

Safe and Secure

We have many safety and security measures in place and rigorous staff training ensures constant watch fullness.

All procedure are reviewed regularly to maintain regulatory compliance regulatory to consider improvement suggested by Jasmine Court staff, Parents some times by children themselves.

The emotional well being and physical safety of young children is, and always has been, of immense important at Jasmine court.

Young children need above all else to feel happy and unconcerned and Jasmine court staff have the experience to identify any need for emotional support. Even tiny signs that all is not well are spotted and acted upon promptly.