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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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Whether moving up from our Senior School, or joining us from elsewhere, our Senior Secondary Section offers a highly distinctive, co-educational experience.

Life in Senior Secondary School involves a great deal more than simply academic study. An outstanding Senior Secondary Wing provides an environment for learning in its widest sense: it enables students to acquire knowledge and skills, and to learn more about themselves as individuals.

In this wing there will be a range of requirements, both in and out of the classroom, that all students will face. They will need to combine a determined commitment to academic endeavour with the expectation of an increasing involvement in the rich extra-curricular programme, featuring activities within school and out in the wider community. There will be a strong emphasis on developing independence and initiative, complemented by the need for self discipline, in order to meet successfully the demands of academic work.

For each student this experience is unique. Our outstanding Senior Secondary Wing recognises this, and is expert at helping the students as individuals, to deal with any challenges they may face in future.

The essential ingredients of this Wing at SASA can be summarized very briefly: the group studies, a wide choice of subjects and activities, a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers and advisers.

For students looking for the ideal place to prepare and equip themselves for life beyond school, we believe there is no better place to be than the Senior Secondary Wing at The Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy, Roopnagar

Ms. Vandana Chopra
Head of the Mathematics Department
& Co-ordinator for Senior Secondary Wing

Study Streams At Senior Secondary Wing

1. Medical

English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Punjabi, Computer Science, Physical Education, Environmental Education

2. Non- Medical

English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Punjabi, Computer Science, Physical Education, Environmental Education

3. Commerce

English Core, Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, Computer Science, Hindi, Punjabi, Physical Education

4. Humanities

English Core, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Hindi, Punjabi,Computer Science, Physical Education, Environmental Education

"SASA turned out my savoir-faire to be crucial for my development. Adolescence is such a sensitive and formative time in life. I was always surrounded by sensations of lessons about self-expression, self-esteem, self-reverence and respect of others, is beyond valuable at that fragile time in my life development. SASA has positively carved me for my higher education, and ofcourse stable and linearly growing career. I sincerely thank management and staff for their unconditional succor for my personal development…. PROUD TO BE SASAshian”
Er. Nandan Sujati, Software Engg., MBA, B.tech – former pupil


All Senior Secondary Students have superb extracurricular opportunities. They may want to develop an existing interest, or try something completely new. There will certainly be no shortage of choice. They can also develop their potential as leaders or managers by running clubs and teams for younger pupils.

The students of this wings are ambassadors for the School and will be provided with opportunities for leadership. They may, for example, be asked to run House events, organise faith assemblies and activities, help supervise and support younger pupils, or show visitors around the School. Relationships between staff and Sixth Formers are based on mutual respect and our commitment to helping individual students fulfil their potential. We recognise a naturally increasing need for independence and self-expression.

we expect our Senior Secondary School studentsto be good role models. Therefore we would expect them to follow our dress code, dressing in a manner which communicates a professional approach to study and high aspirations for the future. We expect students to take individual responsibility for all their decisions and actions, work to the best of their abilities, and make the most of what is on offer in the Senior Secondary Schooling.

Extracurricular activities and clubs

Study and exam success is important but increasingly, universities and employers want people who can also offer more than just academic achievement. We help to develop potential leaders, innovators, and creators of change.

The key to this development is participation in the many nonacademic pursuits on offer in the Senior Secondary Schooling.

An impressive number of our students excel at local, regional, national and even international level in their chosen extra-curricular activities.

Sports are very popular; the choice here is wide and standards are high. Music and drama are equally strong, with the students taking a leading role in many productions and performances.

Students also get in campus facility of preparing them for National competitions & admissions such as – IIT, CET, PMT etc. Very often they are given opportunity to see the great achievers in sports, studies, civil services etc. Such a people share their experiences with the students so that they could understand that nothing is possible when the will power is strong.

Broadening horizons

In the Senior Secondary Wing there are many opportunities for students to see the world and enrich their educational and life experiences. They might travel abroad as delegates to Global Programmes relating to Sports, Studies, Environment & Careers For example, Senior Secondary Students Very recently visited Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops and Royal Roads University in Victoria in Canada.

The students are expected to join any cultural, sporting or adventure trips. Every year the students go to Finland, England, USA, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden on exchange programmes as well as visiting various schools, Science museum etc.

All students of the Senior Secondary School are expected to complete a minimum of 25 hours of voluntary service in the community. Our students are encouraged to make their own choice with regard to the nature and the location of their placement. This experience is invaluable, both to those whom they assist and to the students themselves.

House system

The driver for many extra-curricular activities is our highly popular House system, which operates throughout the School. Its aim is to enable all ages to mix, work as teams, and have fun irrespective of personal ability. In the Senior Secondary Wing the House system offers opportunities to develop leadership and interpersonal skills by working with younger pupils in a variety of competitive and enjoyable events. The annual programme of House events extends far beyond sports; it includes music, drama, debating, public speaking, cooking, quizzes and special and often ingenious subject ‘challenges’.

Thinking about the future

The overwhelming majority of our Senior Secondary School Students go on to Higher Education in India & Abroad.

We recognise that many factors have to be considered when making decisions: which course, which university, whether to take a gap year, how to fund it all and where to live.

Our specialist Careers and Higher Education Co-ordinators can give individual students all the advice and information they need.

" I have heard people saying that schooling is the most important phase of one’s life. It’s the only age when a child can develop either good habits or bad one. In this institution, I have learnt many things especially the way to lead a disciplined life. This school has helped me a lot in my overall development. The faculty and the facilities provided here are really extraordinary and excellent. I can’t forget the moments I have spent here. At last, I would just say, “Life is full of happiness, Open your eyes to see it”. "Heitinder Singh, San Jose State University, former Pupil