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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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Junior School

Our enthusiastic teachers inspire and care for pupils in small groups, making sure each child has the individual attention they require

A welcome For a young child, moving from a small primary school to secondary school can be daunting. That is where the Junior School comes in. Our role is to equip your child with the skills and experiences needed to forge a smooth transition from their early years to their secondary education.

The Junior School works with children from aged 7 to 11 Years. A large number of our children join us from our own school at Rose Court but a significant number come from other schools of the area, big cities in India and abroad.

During their time in the Junior School children grow in confidence, independence and academic expertise. Whilst spending the majority of their time with class teachers in Jasmine Court, by age of 7 they move around the Academy confidently and visit a range of specialist teachers, practicing the organizational skills that will give them a flying start in the Senior School.

We have a very strong team of teachers who are always willing to give up their time to help individual children, to provide outstanding pastoral care and to offer an amazing array of extra-curricular clubs and activities.

We encourage all the children to join at least one activity in order to develop their personality and interests, to make new friends and to make the most of the unrivalled facilities at their disposal.

Encouragement to do and be the best

Pupils receive merit certificates for good work at our weekly, monthly celebrations. We also award House points for good behaviour, for being kind and considerate to others and for outstanding effort in activities such as sport, dance and drama, handwriting and music.

During the age span of 7 to 11 the pupils are in between. Neither they are considered infants nor the grownups. At home or at school they are expected to help the junior ones and follow the senior ones. During this period the parents and the schools are expected to play an important part in the life of junior school students. They are to be checked at every step because they can blindly follow the senior ones or bad elements of the society. The Management and Teachers with SASA always play a role of being a surrogated parents giving all directions to the pupils. We always claim to be responsible for our students.